She cried

How about this for a throw back poem… enjoy this one from 2010.

I once was

“Don’t struggle to get what you want, but modify your wanting –

Buddhist proverb”

A turn of events

“Time goes by, never relenting in its efforts to move forward…”


I have a hand full of friends and I get extremely excited when I get to spend time with a friend I haven’t seen in a while. I haven’t seen Taiwo in a little over two years (we somehow manage to talk everyday). It was really nice catching up with her and she inspired today’s poem….

..a little less

Hello everyone… how are you all doing today?? Today’s poem was originally supposed to be a Ghazal (pronounced Guzzle); but then I started writing and I lost the whole poetic scheme, so I just kept on writing till I felt I had written something worthy of blogging lol. My friend reckons I could still get away with…

Happy anniversary 

Yesterday marked the 5th wedding anniversary of my very good friends (a.k.a The Jackies 🙂 ). Today’s poem is one of my gifts to them. I wish them both many more wonderful married years together, filled with happiness and accomplished dreams. I pray you both grow old together. You really are an amazing couple. God…