Happy anniversary 

Yesterday marked the 5th wedding anniversary of my very good friends (a.k.a The Jackies 🙂 ).

Today’s poem is one of my gifts to them. I wish them both many more wonderful married years together, filled with happiness and accomplished dreams. I pray you both grow old together. You really are an amazing couple. God bless x

Happy anniversary

May your love keep expanding like mercury

Stay as tasteful as a McFlurry

And your lives free of worry

Such a wonderful couple you are

Full of variety like a bazaar

You’re both strong like strings of a guitar

Oh! Such superstars

Five years you’ve been together

I pray for you a world as precious as sapphire

Obstacles light as feather

And not unpredictable like the weather

Wishing you many fruitful years ahead

Blessings widespread

And miracles that need not be said



One Comment Add yours

  1. Amanda says:

    Thank you so much Amina. You are a star and a blessing to us all.


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