Day 15: Ameena

Got to pen down my new year resolutions… Also had the wonderful opportunity of sharing it on my friends blog. Do enjoy x

….and ofcourse, here’s wishing y’all a wonderful new year !

nostalgic words of future me

New year resolutions have never been my thing. Growing up, I always wondered why people waited till the start of a new year to bring out that blank page and fill it up with numbers, words and bullet points… However, the last few months of 2015, I suddenly found myself reflecting, needing and wanting; so when I suddenly stumbled on Toxic asking people to join in his 30 days of hope, I saw this as a sign – thank you Toxic for giving me this opportunity.


Have you ever asked yourself – am I happy?

I’ve always considered myself to be a happy person – like everyone else, I have happy moments in my life… but then one day someone asked me ‘Are you happy?’…

I realized even though all had been well in my life in 2015 – I still needed more and I hadn’t really thought about…

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