A score in a mile

Yay!!!! It’s the last day of 2015 and I feel great!!! I feel like I’m about to start a whole new journey.

If you feel like you didn’t have a productive 2015, or perhaps you’re feeling blue, sad, depressed even – I want you to know it isn’t always going to be that way.

If you feel like you’re losing touch with yourself,or you feel like nothing is going your way – worry not, tomorrow is another day… another year; and with a new day comes a new dawn, new choices, new opportunities TO CHANGE!!!

So, today’s poem is for YOU!!!


Sometimes, this world can be so cold
So cold you imagine what existence man will make from it
Sometimes its fire hot
You’re made to resign to fate
And a time comes when it looks normal
Normal to manoeuvre your path to success
But so soon,the world will take a new stance
Only to be bought with the best of your worth
Then you imagine if the messiah ever exists
We realise the depths of life
An agony of the heart
Suddenly a mile seems so far and yet unreachable
But who cares about the one who dares take that path
To struggle in the midst of opportunities
To fight for a position at your disposal
To be careful before jumping into the options of life
To have enemies if you’ll ever be the best of friend
Only those who buy reality make living have a meaning
If the world is worth living in
Then the rules are worth following
And in the end,we’ll see that we made that good score in a mile
And in the end,WE WIN!!!


Here’s is wishing all of you a beautiful 2016.

Thank you for spending time on my blog and I hope I can bring many more poems your way in the coming year.




** Photo credit – Unknown


One Comment Add yours

  1. Quirky Young Mom says:

    Beautiful piece!

    I wish you and your family a lovely year! Blessings! 🎉❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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