Finally Christmas has come and gone – and it’s time to really focus on the new year. I hope those of you who celebrate Christmas really enjoyed the holiday. 🙂

Today’s post was written by my baby sister. I come from a very artsy family – I mean, three of us write; two of us draw (one professionally); one of us makes clothes, shoes and bags; three of us have at one point in our lives delved into performing arts – much to the surprise of our very traditional African parents (there’s a story in there for another day lol). 

Anyway, when baby sister sent me this, she didn’t title it but after reading it I decided on the title above. Hopefully when you read it, you’ll agree with me that the title is suitable.

The poem for me is the definition of raw, unfiltered emotions. She reminds me of my style of writing when I was her age – when I was less concerned about filtering.



Happy, together,

Talking, gusting, telling,

secrets, unfolding,

Kisses, hugs, tears,

Crying, upon shoulders,

Teasing, snickering


Smiles, laughing-at others,

Jokes, on me, on you,

Secrets, again, ours

Parties, classy

Friends, us, we

Resentment, why?

How? When? Where?

They ask, I shrug,

Who cares?

She sucks

Back talk, bitch,

Bitch, yes, basic bitch,

Fake smiles, was that for me?

Wow? It hurt, I know.

But still, fuck it

Pride, pride?!

Me? Proud?

We all are,

Proud? Yes please

“Say sorry” I won’t,

“Famzed”, I did

Ignored, I was


Talking things out,

You tried, trying?

That’s “trying”

Blew off you were

Or so you thought

Anger, angry,

At you, should I?

Irritated, maybe

Telling ppl, my problems, ours, I don’t

Telling, not to make them help,

Just telling, that I do


Somehow, somewhere, mistaken


Zoning out, little cocoon?

Extra large niche,

In that you stay, I stay.

Don’t care

Apologies, again?

I’d make to you.

But pride, yes pride,

Anger, resentment, misunderstood,

all these, at you

Then friendship, me, you,


Taking, I wouldn’t do,

Except, it helps, helps you, us,

“Sorry”, so small, so big,

Five letters, one word.

Friends, I never leave,

Not many I have,

Not who I am.

So, yes, “sorry”, sorry for all,

For then, for now, for later

“Sorry” is what I say to you

Therefore, teasing, snickering,

Crying, upon shoulders,

Kisses, hugs, tears,

Secrets, unfolding,

Talking, gisting, telling,

Happy, together

Love me? Again?

Do this, would you?


I hope to feature posts from other writers on my blog in the new year. I have met some wonderful writers this year and I hope we can all grow together in our own artistic element.



** Photo credit – Terrilively


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