Carpe Diem – Lady in Brown

Over the years, there have been many adaptations of ‘For Coloured Girls’, originally a stage play written in 1976 by Ntozake Shange. It was written as a choreopeom. The book focused on women who have suffered oppression in our racist and sexist society.  One very good adaptation is Tyler Perrys version. If you haven’t seen it, you can watch it on Netflix.

My adaptation is another twist. I want to talk about issues the modern African woman is facing. Each colour will try to focus on a different issue. Each of my poems will be written using a Dramatic Monologue.

Here is the first of the series… Please enjoy

Have I not been condemned enough?

For wanting to be a modern woman

Let not tradition dictate my life

As the world is full of endless possibilities

I choose not to live within constraints

‘But you’re a woman’ they say!

‘Your body was made to bear children’

‘You were created to be a wife’

‘That you should aspire to!’

I laugh at their mediocrity

Have I not been condemned enough?

For daring to break the rules

Don’t just sit there!

Listen to me!!!

I am the independent woman

The voice for the voiceless

They look at me like I’ve lost it

‘Man and woman can never be the same’

‘Your mates are in the kitchen’

I laugh at their mediocrity

Have I not been condemned enough?

For wanting to be extraordinary

My body belongs to me

With it I can do as I please

My confidence bothers them

‘You shouldn’t aspire to be greater than the man’

‘You’re supposed to be dependant’

I ponder – why should he be worried about my success

Why cant we be peers, why cant we be partners?

I laugh at their mediocrity

Have I not been condemned enough?

For refusing to conform

I say – Carpe Diem!!!

The day is mine to seize

My life is mine to seize

I am more than just a set of rules

Predestined to be more than just a wife

Fighting to be more than just a mother

I am the epitome of accomplishments

The modern woman

Hear me as I speak

See me when I walk

Be not afraid of my triumph

Behind every successful man is a woman

Who is  behind the successful woman?

‘Who am I’ you ask?

I am that XX chromosome

Who dares to defy society

I am that feminist

The Lady in Brown

As a (modern) woman, what challenges have you had to face? What has society said you can or can’t do? Use the comment box below, let’s have a discussion.


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12 Comments Add yours

  1. Hassan Fakrani says:

    Excellente soirée ! Chère amie
    Au contraire, je suis pour l’égalité des femmes et des hommes. Merci

    Liked by 1 person

  2. taibat ajisegiri says:

    Faced intimidation oppression downgraded lied against given all sort of names just because i am a wife an ordinary woman that should doggedly listen and obey orders from my husband and his people.I must not talk because a woman has nothing upstairs to contribute
    You should not aspire to advance afterall it doesnt addto your status financially and your place is in the kitchen so whats your stress.
    But against all odd because i am destined to achieve all i aspired forin lifeit shall be done

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh wow. How inspiring!!! You are indeed destined to achieve all!


  3. Amy says:

    Carpe diem – I am a modern woman, seizing the day!


  4. Marts says:

    Excellent poetry…

    Liked by 1 person

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