Forlorn Love – Lady in Purple

Hi everyone…

It has been a quiet week on my blog for a number of reasons. I spent the whole of last week preparing for a weekend trip away. I apologise sincerely if you’ve been on my blog looking for new content.

This week, I continue with the third part of ‘For Coloured Girls’ series.

Please enjoy. 

Today’s poem talks about domestic violence. I feel it’s an issue most people are really vocal about, yet a lot of women (and men) are stuck in abusive relationships. Yes I said men! Domestic violence works both way – my focus is on women for the purpose of this series. It takes a very brave woman to be able to walk away despite her ‘love’ for her significant other. It takes an ever braver woman to be able to come out and discuss her experience.

I walk into the meeting today and I take a seat in my usual spot.

I hear them whisper “She’s here. The Lady in Purple is here”.

“Does anyone have anything to share today?”

I stand up and walk to the podium ignoring the surprised stares and I start to read.

For eighteen years I have loved

You, I have adored

Every whip,every lash I ignored

After 24hours, a smile I carry – your award

For eighteen years I have lost

My life became yours at no cost

All my emotions you tossed

You say, “I have no right to be cross”

For eighteen years I have grieved


In silence I peeved

Thoughts of dreams yet unachieved

For eighteen years I have hoped

In a static state I’ve moped

Struggling not to get your ego poked

Or having my human rights yet again revoked

For eighteen years I have planned

With my every strength, my every gland

My scheme, so grand

All it takes is a stab with my hand

“Did you do it?” they all ask. “Tell us please”

I flip the page and continue reading

I stood as he bled

His mouth began to spread

And he whispered ‘save me please’

Then I remembered

When I too begged to be saved

I remembered

Every mean word said

“You’re worthless”

“You’re stupid”

“You have no where to run”

“You have no where to hide”

I stood as he bled

Then I remembered

For eighteen years

I have loved

For eighteen years

I have lost

Today, I reclaim myself

Today, I set myself free

His whimpers still linger

“You cannot leave” he shouts

On my face a huge smirk

“I have won”

“I have won”

My love you took

And made forlorn

Denting my body with every left hook

Today I declare myself reborn

My walk – tall

Every stride, filled with power

Defying what you pre destined me to be

I am the Lady in Purple


The women from the group all gather round. Hugging me from every corner. This is what makes us stronger – for our stories are similar, our pain the same, our victories – one!

We are the ones who dared to leave!!!

I’ve seen memes online and comments about how a woman should stay with her husband/partner/significant other even after she’s been abused domestically over and over again. Some people say to ‘work it out’ for the sake of marriage.

Is it really worth it to lose yourself like that?

Use the comment box and tell me what you think!

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**Photo credit – Purple Gorgeous


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  1. No it is not worth your marriage, it is worth your life to go


  2. hamdallah says:

    This is one I didn’t wanna stop reading. And no, nothing is worth holding on to if your life is at risk. Nothing at all.

    Liked by 1 person

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