This one is for my marito

Hi guys! it’s a brand new day here in blogsville!

You can probably tell from the silhouette above what todays poem is going to be about. One out of many I may have used to serenade my significant other.

It’s my 2nd year wedding anniversary today and I couldn’t think of a better day to put this up.  I absolutely love writing about love… It’s one of the few times my words flow like ink inside a pen.

I love you

Actually I don’t …

I’m in love with you

That’s different

I breathe you

I crave you

I want you every minute

Your touch

Your breath

Your soul

Your very existence

The happiness you bring

The pain we share

You are my “olójó

The one who owns my day

It is because of you

I was named “Moróunmúbò

Because I really have found something

Not only have I found something

but “Motúnrountodun

Yes, my sweetness

Adé tó sí ònà fún mi

Gradually, I am finding my way

Finding my place

I love you

You’re my destiny

As I yours

Every moment in our lives

This it has led to

My own

My one

My only

My all


** olójó – Yoruba word that means ‘one who owns the day’.

** Moróunmúbò – Yoruba name that means ‘gift’ (literal meaning – I have found something to bring).

** Motúnrountódùn – Yoruba name that means ‘I have found something worthy’ (literal meaning – I have found something sweet).

** Adé tó sí ònà fún mi – Translated into English (from Yoruba) that means ‘The crown that led the way’.

** marito – Italian word for husband.


Writing this made me so happy…. I hope you were able to empathise with me on this one.

And to my amazing husband and father of our incredible child, I pray we spend many more happy years today. I’ll be waiting for you by the door with a thousand love-filled kisses lol

PS: Thank you to my mum who helped me with the correct meaning of the Yoruba words in this poem!

Thank you as always for reading!!!


** Photo credit – Clip arts


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  1. Absolutely beautiful!! Congrats on your 2nd year Versary!!! ❤


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