Hi guys!!! I can’t believe we’re in half way through September already!! Seems like yesterday I was wishing everyone happy new year. It got me thinking about ‘tomorrow’ and what it meant to me; and that thought inspired today’s poem.

Here is what tomorrow means to me…. What does tomorrow mean to you?? – leave a comment and let me know.

Tomorrow is a different day
Filled with new promises
A day full of hopes and dreams
And a lil bit of sadness too

Tomorrow is another week
To make things right again
A week to enjoy classmates you know
And make new friends too

Tomorrow is another month
Full of happiness to share
Friends to see,TV to watch
Lots of fun everywhere

Tomorrow is a brand new year
Filled with laughter,fun and tears
New things to learn and see
Many things to be done

Everyone of us is tomorrow
Each one of us is moving on
Days,Weeks,Month and Years ahead
We are all the ‘coming dawn’


** Photo credit – Unknown


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