Hey hey hey!!! How are you all doing?? Today’s post is sort of a rant. I didn’t even bother editing because sometimes you just want to ramble, get your words out and be left alone.

….also because sometimes, you think you know how someone else feels – but you don’t!

Do you know what it means to lose someone
To see their lifeless body
You stand there
Hoping they take a breath

For a second
You think you’re imagining things
Your mind cannot comprehend
Is that blood?
Is this a dream?
Is this real?

There had always been one rule
Hood down, hands up – no questions asked!
Now he lay there

Despite all
You tell me
All lives matter
Yet, you’re not being hunted
You do not live in fear

You tell me
All lives matter
So, explain to me
Why you’re privileged and we’re not

The white man rapes a girl
His record wiped clean
His life is not to be ruined

The black man
Minding his business gets shot
Still, nothing happens.

Now we choose
To express ourselves
And you call it rage

Will you not be mad
If something was taken from you
Your life worthless

You want us to be quiet
As we watch our children fatherless
Mothers childless
At your expense?

You want us to rely on a justice system
That already thinks we’re guilty
Even without crime?

Please let us express this rage.

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  1. dornahainds says:



  2. burresor says:

    Privileged… I am often hated because I am white, likewise I am judged because of the past no one seems able to learn as well as move on from. Commend your courage to share your stance.

    As a woman who has walked down the street to be stalked on more than one occasion, who lives in a drug war zone area, is low income, having no vehicle and no assurance of safety in my own neighborhood… I do not feel very privileged…

    The racism will only end when people stop drawing lines between each other on account of their skin pigmentation…religion…economic status…political views…. sexual preferences…and other things that should make us beautifully unique.

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