The Chant

Well, we’ve been blessed with another week… soon it’ll be the end of another month *shriek* I know it’s only day 6, but it really feels like we’re way into the month already. Is it just me??

I’m extremely stressed – like EXTREMELY!!! but I plan and Allah is the best of planners (this is kinda my 2017 mantra).

Without further ado, I’ll just leave you to read today’s post.

Our lives like clockwork
Pick, pick
Whip whip

We found solace
In ourselves
In our pain
In our children
In the sunset

Our chant the same
“Nijo wo la ma bo l’oko eru?”
When will we be free?

Every day, we are woken with faint hope
Our mouths sewed shut
Yet, our eyes speak
Nijo wo la ma bo l’oko eru?

At night time, we lay
Blaming the gods
Wishing we were born
With a little less melanin

Nijo wo la ma bo l’oko eru?

PS – Don’t forget to check out all the other posts in the series¬†here.

Have a lovely week y’all.

** Photo credit –¬†answersafrica


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