Food for thought…

You know, I wasn’t really sure what to write about today… next thing Nina Simone was playing and then *light bulb moment*

I’m not going to even bother writing an epistle before today’s post – it speaks for itself – that is the beauty of micro poems. Before you scroll down to read, don’t forget to check out all previous posts in the series here.

He once had a dream
She once had to die worthless
What is it you’ve done???

Remember those who had to work the cotton fields… and the brave voices we owe our freedom to.

PS – Since this poem is also a Haiku, you can reply to it by using the last line of mine. You know I love to read your comments. 🙂 Check out how to write haikus here.

Happy writing x


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  1. Meiko says:

    Ok let me try…

    what is it you’ve done?
    he stretched his arm a sceptre
    daring to defy.


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    1. Amina says:

      Yaaay!! You did good. Love it!! Well done!! See it’s not hard 🙂

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      1. Meiko says:

        Thanks! I should try my hand at these more. You inspire me. x

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      2. Amina says:

        Aww iBlush. You really should try. You actually write beautifully. Just imagine expressing yourself in smaller sentences and still getting the point across (micro poetry)

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      3. Meiko says:

        I will! x

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  2. What is it You’ve done
    to save a lost wretch like me
    and give me new life!

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  3. Suze says:

    what is it you’ve done?
    I walked with a woman unlike me
    wishing for a change coming.

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