Concrete walls

Hello everyone.

How did you weekend go???

Here is another one from my archive. I wrote today’s poem around the same time I wrote the poem I uploaded on Friday (read here).

Looking back, I’m just really thankful for how my life turned out and how blessed I am now. Just goes to show you can’t have a difficult moment in your life forever.

Anyway, do read and enjoy

I’m surrounded, surrounded by concrete walls

I am what I am no more, perhaps what I’ll never be

I am just as strong as my weak can get

I am a sponge soaking it all in

Gradually the sponge fills up and begins to drip

I am surrounded by concrete walls…

So high I can’t climb over

So strong I can’t break through

If I try, I might hurt myself

I’m my weakness, I’m my strength

In the words of Amir Sulaiman

“I’m a dead man walking

a mute man talking

a blind man watching”

I am surrounded my concrete walls

Figment of my imagination turning into reality

Dark moments – but the moon comes before the sun

So perhaps the sun will rise soon

The change between this moment is more than just a 24 hour hour-glass

More than just a blink of an eye

More than just a bloody light at the end of a tunnel

I am surrounded by a concrete wall

Stuck inside a maze I created

Fell into my own loop hole

Searching for that back door

I fear I may be lost in the maze forever

Stuck in this limbo

Trying to determine what’s real and what’s not

I am surrounded by a concrete wall

Surrounded… Surrounded


** Photo credit – Couleur Blind


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Heaven Morrison says:

    Very pretty and insightful. So many people in society feel like this. It’s time to break free! 


    1. Thanks for reading Heaven 🙂


  2. Tommee Dee says:

    Loved this! I hope you managed to break free!


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