Will you be there?

In life, I think it is very important to have friendships with people who genuinely care about you. There comes a point in every ones life where you just need someone else to pick you up or support you or just give you some words of encouragement. Today’s post was inspired by that. Brought to you fresh from my archives.

Before you read, I think you should ask yourself – will you be there when that friend (or family) needs you? What type of impression do people have of you? What kind of mark do you want to leave in the world when you’re gone?

When it’s cold and lonely

When it’s sad and grey

When the clouds weep and send down the rain

Will you be there?

When I’m sick and fray

Golden smiles I have not

No strength to carry on

Will you be there?

If the tears roll down my face

And deep breaths I cannot take

When my heart beat is irregular from the pain

Will you be there??

Screams so loud

Cuts so deep

Choking sounds I cannot bear

Will you be there?

When the grass isn’t green

No other side to run to

Flowers refuse to bloom

Roses are no longer red

Will you be there?

If the colours start to fade

Yellow and orange and green begin to look grey

Pretty exists no more

Will you be there?

Life is bleak

Tunnels have no lights

If the end is near

Will you be there?

If I begin to shut doors

Build up walls

And weakness starts to show

Will you be there?

If breasts begins to sag

My eyes become dim

Body starts to fall apart

Will you be there?

When all is lost and gone

Redeem more, I cannot

Distance I begin to create

Loneliness becomes a friend

Will you be there?

If I start to lust after what is not

Reality and imagination become one

Limbo is comfortable

Will you be there?

When I’m losing touch with reality

In my own grave I begin to fall

Will you be there?

Tell me…

Will you be there?

Will you?


Food for thought – Friendship isn’t about who you’ve known the longest, it’s about who walked into your life and said “I’m here for you” and proved it.

**Photo credit – _mica_’s Bucket


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  1. gemina says:

    Truly inspired by your write’thank u very much for sharing’i to have been writing’i am 52 now’it started a young 12 years’i was writing about how i felt about the death of my one uncle ronnie’then about my mom’about my parents not talking and then split up’then divorced’now from time to time’i write more so’about my children’my past and present relationship.so yes keep wtiting’for it is something to be proud of’thank you mom’thank you ameenas!


    1. Thank you for reading Gemina


  2. Carolyn van der Linde says:

    I believe in balanced criticism so I will start with my thinking that the idea is sound. I feel you want me to think about whether or not I’ll be there and I think that gets across. I also will say that using ‘so’ is to me not good. Whenever especially a poet, whose job it is to delve into the great and wonderous depths of emotive experience using words uses a word such as ‘so’ or ‘very’ I get turned off as I immediately want to know what real words the poet is not using. On the other hand, human relationships are the most passionate and important things to all of us. I feel that the subject is perfect for poetry. I look forward to seeing what else you write. 


    1. Thank you for your feedback. I’ll try as you say to ‘delve into the wondrous depths of emotive experience’. I look forward to having you read more of my work 🙂


      1. Carolyn van der Linde says:

        I love to read. I look forward to checking out more of your stuff. <3


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