This one is for my bambino

When my mum told me that having a child would change my life, I really didn’t understand until now. Having a baby has changed my life (in a positive way). It has really taught me how to put someone else before myself and my whole perception of the human life has changed. I was a little over 7 weeks pregnant when I wrote this…

Oh little one

My sweet little bun

How art thou?

You’re always making me want to chow

Mouth full of nausea

Bed full of insomnia

Long tired days

And yet I still blaze

As I reminisce

Thinking of days full of bliss…

Just a small bump unborn

By His Grace, I shall not mourn

A source of joy you’ll always be

Hopefully, you’ll be a mini me

I love you now, today and forever

The bond between us shall never sever



**Bambino is Italian for ‘baby’.

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. hamdallah says:

    “OUR” bambino😘😊


    1. Lol Hamdallah go have your own bambino :p :*


  2. Brigitte Giunta says:

    Beautiful words and sentiments


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