Haiku #1

I don’t know how I have managed not to write a haiku ever since I challenged myself to start writing forms of poetry.

Seeing as Haiku’s are only 3 lines long, I’ve decided to start a Haiku series –  taking my cue from Oluwatosin. Check out her blog here.

Please enjoy the first of my Haiku series.

I lay silently

Thinking of my wants and needs

Can I have it all?



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    1. Thank you…. Sometimes I can’t help but wonder 🙂


      1. Just keep believing you can, anything is possible

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  1. Awww…so cute of you. Thanks. Glad I inspired this too. Hope to read more beautiful lines from you

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    1. Thank you. I plan on making this a constant *fingers crossed*

      Thanks for taking the time out to comment

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      1. *hugging you right back* 😁

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  2. I am looking forward to the haiku series! It sounds really interesting. 🙂

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