Colours (by Pulchae)


It’s another wonderful week here in blog world; and eighteen more sleeps still Christmas.

As I said in my previous post, today’s post was written by my friend who goes by the name of Pulchae. She also has her own blog which you can read here.

Here poem today was inspired by mine (read here). Her best colour is Coquelicot, hence the picture above 🙂

Please enjoy and don’t forget to like, comment and share.


Loud techno music
Blends with other colours
Like deep lyrics and a crazy beat
The loudest in the room
The attraction in the plate
Sometimes a little too much

I almost hate
The girl stereotype
Almost choking
Cough syrup
A little sickening
But you
Your tongue
Makes me a believer

Crispy, clean
Omo, jik
Your favourite
Your skin does it justice
Oceans flowing clean
My dream fantasy
Dye, I want that hair colour
Someday, no, maybe soon
Ink, school, exams
Stained sheets
Iodine, reminds of blotted wound dressing
Pain,that I hate
But you, back to you
Your blue hi-top converse
I love staring at your feet
I love blue

Of forget me nots and lucky clovers
Calming your nerves
Of promises made not to be broken
The deep sea
Inviting, loving, sinking into depths
I love Blue
Shades of blue
Colour of remembrance
No violence but peace
Peace over everything
Blue you, blue me


Sunset, wild flowers, a blend
Pulsing, searching, deep
Balancing each other out
With our blend of sunshine and fierceness
My heart, your heart, our heart
Alive, craving, needing
Almost a shout, a silent noise
The noise we make
Aesthetic, reflections of the future
Hues that will brighten you and me

Lush, full, fertile
Plenty, not a few
The grass is greener on the other side
Fantastic green
In you, there’s no lack or want
Food, survival
Promise of a better tomorrow


Omo, jik – brands of laundry detergent.


** Photo credit – Unknown


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