Twilight of my existence

Hi readers!!!!

Sorry to disappoint you, but todays post doesn’t come under any style or type of poem (and if you feel it does, feel free to use the comment box to let me know what kind you think it falls under).

This is one of the many poems (yes, many!!!) in my diary that was inspired by my husband… some of them going as far back as when we were just dating. I read some of them and I can’t help but laugh. Here’s a shoutout to all the husbands out there supporting their wife’s dreams!

Twilight of my existence

Weak pleasures of the narrow minded

Once upon a happy time

The past is the past

Future very well known

Tables have turned

How time fucking flies

Words but no voices

Light yet no vision

Shadows, no objects seen

Its all so gloomy

Like the beggar on the street

Clinging on to hope in the winter

Clinging to his coin cup

Hoping for change

Each snow flake

Reminds him of a future

Yet unknown

Every second may bring reality













You’re still here


Anyway, I had a look at my blog stats and I’ve had over 500 views! Wow! Thank you for taking time out to read – you guys rock!!! I hate to sound like a broken record (lol), but if you don’t want to miss out as soon as a post is up, then you better subscribe!


** Photo credit – Unknown source


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