The silent sound
I make
As our bodies touch
Time stood still
Energies transferred

The sound of ecstasy
Silent whispers
Travel slowly
Even though I am blinded
I see clearly
I see the way you heart dances
To the tune of my sweet words
Each letter
Bouncing off the lobes of your ears
As you begin to crack a smile

You are the ying to my yang
The reason for my existence
My deepest sorrow
My unimaginable happiness

God bless the womb
That bore you

This love will grow
Like a deep rooted tree

Now we lay naked
Bodies entwined
In worldly sin
If this is what they call love
I’ll do this
Over and over again
But only with you

So let us coexist
In a symbiotic relationship
Feeding off our energies
Until death do us part

And even when we’re nothing
But ashes to ashes
And dust to dust
I hope our souls
Still find each other


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