Black woman tanka

In the spirit of putting a post up every day this month, here’s today’s post. Don’t forget to catch up on previous posts in this series…

On days that I can’t
I hear the screaming voices
‘Your freedom is yours’
I forge new pain-free pathways
While entwined to healing scars

You know the drill with my tankas – you can reply to it in the comments section.

Happy writing!!!

** Photo credit – Unknown


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  1. dornahainds says:

    Such a phenomenal collaboration of photograph and poem. 🌹🌹🌹

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    1. Amina says:

      I know I absolutely love the picture too!!! When I saw it, I knew I had to use it as my feature image. Thanks for reading and taking time out to comment on my posts. I really appreciate it 🌸


      1. dornahainds says:

        Well, I can truly say that You are a favorite Writer/Artist of mine. And thank you in your kindness to take your time and read/comment about my work too. (@–>–)

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  2. nvsubbaraman says:

    Freedom to enjoy
    Gives not licence to excess
    Within limit joy!

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