Haiku #12

Hiya readers…. and lovers of micro poems 🙂

It’s my 5th blog post this year (Can you tell that I’m excited???) I hope I can keep up with this all year round. By the way, I’m really enjoying adding music to the end of my posts. I feel like I’m giving you a little more insight into what I’m like when I write.

You can check out all my previous Haiku’s here and if you’re a regular, you know what to do. If you’re not – reply to my Haiku by starting yours with the last line of mine 🙂

Joy that’s infinite
Flowing endlessly…unbound
Such is what I crave

** In response to this daily prompt


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Such is what I crave.
    love in the shores of your eyes,
    Happiness in the comfort of your arms
    Loving you is everything….


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