Love is not you…

Today’s post is another one from my archives. I seem to have written a lot about love over the years… Love really is a beautiful thing….

Love is not you
Love is not me
Love is the fusion of willing selves
The offering of cherished liberties
The harmony of humble hearts that leads to the alter to say:’I Do’
Love is not lust
No! Not that brief sweetness of naked passion ignited by desire
Love is not sold like glittering gold
Love is the answer that transcends the question
The sun to the cumulous clouds
The moon to the darkest nights
The fountain of flourishing flowers
Coming and seeking
And coming forever….


* Photo credit – pinterest


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  1. nvsubbaraman says:

    In essence it is DIVINE LOVE!

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  2. You make a good case for thinking love is all you need …

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  3. A wonderful poem Amina! Love can be many things in all different shapes and sizes. Love is all you need. 🙂

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