Tanka #4

Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a great weekend. Today’s post is dedicated to the start of Ramadan. It’s that beautiful month again where I get to reflect on my spiritual life. Things have been a bit shaky for me in the ‘faith’ department lately. I’ve got sooooooo many things to say but not enough words….

I hope I can refer to today’s tanka all Ramadan to remind myself (and others out there in the same boat as me) to keep believing…


And it was declared

With every hardship comes ease

Tainted becomes pure

As long as you trust in Him

For Allah is all knowing


Wishing all Muslims out there Ramadan Kareem. May Allah accept our fast Adan act of Ibadah.



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  1. nvsubbaraman says:

    Great faith is Islam
    Teachings of Allah the great
    Serve all sure no slam!
    Love all serve all HE preached sure
    We shall follow with hearts pure!

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  2. nvsubbaraman says:

    Tanka commented in Tanks!!!!


  3. nvsubbaraman says:

    Sorry it is TANKA and notTanks!!!!!!


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