Haiku #7

Hello everyone, it’s Monday again!!!

I had a very eventful week last week… I became a first time aunt (Many congratulations again to my sister and her husband) and it was also my birthday – read my birthday post Dear me….

I guess today’s post speaks for itself… I’m still so tired!!!!!

Bloody insomnia

Pieces of me it’s taken 

Help me! Help me sleep!!!


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  1. An awesome haiku Amina! I love haiku’s because they are short and sweet. 🙂 Have a wonderful day!
    Lauren x

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  2. charoflondon says:

    This is my life right now!

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    1. Amina says:

      This is me almost every night 😭😭

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      1. charoflondon says:

        Don’t even know what’s going on this week! I usually knock out in 5 minutes


      2. Amina says:

        Thinking too much maybe?

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