Tanka #3

It’s been 3 months since I started my Tanka series and I cannot believe I’m only three poems in… You can check out the previous poems in my tanka series here.

My hubby has had to work away from home a lot in recent times and this is not something I’m used to.I wrote today’s post on one of his recent trips and I didn’t even get to share it with him… because errrrm…sometimes I like to act like I’m all independent and what not lol… Anyway, enjoy 🙂

Beneath the rumple

Your scent slowly filters through

Easing the tension

As I caress emptiness

While I await your return


You already know the drill… you can reply to my tanka using the last line of mine as the first line of yours…

You know I enjoy reading your interpretations 🙂

I hope you all enjoy the rest of the week



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  1. nvsubbaraman says:

    How can a tanka have seven syllabled line as first line.? It shoud be only a five syllabled line.pl.help.


    1. Amina says:

      Actually if you check my tanka has 5 syllables as the first line. Read it again. The first line reads ‘beneath the rumple’


  2. aatigogo says:

    Amina I tried it, please check my blog to tell me what you think.

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