Such is life 

A couple of weeks ago, my husband was saying to me how he thought it was bad that I never watched the news… I laughed it off at the time because he was right.

I never used to be that way – I just got tired of always hearing ‘bad’ news.

Civil war in Syria, Boko Haram kidnappings in Nigeria, ISIS, bombings in France… the list endless – so I thought maybe, just maybe if I don’t listen then it wouldn’t bother me… I was wrong!!!

Social media has a way of rubbing things in your face when you don’t want to see… even though I stopped watching the news, I still stumbled on people arguing!!!

“Oh, why is the world using the flag of France over their Facebook pictures when there are bombings in Syria everyday and we don’t get to use Syrian flags…”

“Send the immigrants back to their country…”

It makes me wonder – How did we lose ourselves? How did we lose the ability to be empathetic to each others problems? What is happening to humanity?

I’m sick of stereotypes – black, white, asian – why can’t we just be people? I listened to this beautiful spoken word the other day titled ‘I am not black and you are not white by Prince Ea’ and it highlighted one of the core issues the world is facing … has been facing. You can watch it here. My favourite line in his poem is “…who will you be if the world never gave you a label?”

I think I’ve gone on just enough rant for one day…. please read my rant inspired poem (lol)… I hope you enjoy it.

Welcome to our time

In spite of the sunlight, you never beat the treats of darkness

We created humanity

But human capacity exceeds our reasoning

Can’t tell your left from your right (or maybe you can but how sure are you?)

Can’t even see God but believe in his existence

But certainly, we choose the life we want

It’s our choice to make

To be where we are and do what we do

And to kiss the day goodbye

You have the money – but do you have the life

How many people are happy with the life they know

Don’t know the life the live, but they see a reason for living

I kiss the sunny days goodbye to adhere to what exists

I believe strongly in life – but maybe I’ve been deprived of its goodness

Look at assassins laughing while the good world is collapsing

I’m rich, I’ll definitely become richer

So pathetic the poor will only end up in poverty

The journey of a lifetime can never be seconded

Our world – a world guided and ruled by words

Words that either make or mar

Talk is cheap

What’s real when the world refuses to let go of its virtues

What shall we say then

When the egos of life lies on a mountain top that’s too high to reach

What comments do we make

When the valley is too low to think from

When will the world cease to give itself as a case study

When shall we stop making a failure of the ideas we made

When will our ego pay tribute to the rules of God

When will the followers of faith resign from their mischief

Will the proud world continue to cringe for globalisation

When its subjects long for a revolution

The leaders pose as revivers of the world

But only to make a name for themselves

Life and times of Nostradamus

The man who knew tomorrow

Funny, we all want to make a name for ourselves

But, when shall we join the force to change the world?

I guess such is life…


Make someone happy this christmas – buy a random person coffee, smile at the person you catch staring at you, donate to charity if you can afford to – just do something nice for someone… you never know – making someone else smile will go a long way.

Let the negativity in the world inspire you to create positivity around you.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.



** Photo credit – History answers


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