I love…

Today’s post was originally written (by yours truly of course) in 2013, and it was inspired by one my friend Ayo wrote some years back. Check out his blog here .

I have so many unpublished poems on my phone. It’s really overwhelming digging through the archives. It’s made me realise how much I’ve changed… How much I’ve grown in the past couple of years. I feel like a totally different person… As a matter of fact I’ve written about three different versions of today’s post. I do love a lot of things in life. I should probably do an up to date version seeing as the list of things I love have grown tremendously. Until then, do enjoy this version from 2013.

I love

Perhaps the simple things of life
Where hugs mean more than words
Smiles that interpret feelings
A simple stare

Sometimes I love Pain
Pain that brings pain
Jolts you back to the realities of life
Luxury of misery

I love my thoughts
More questions than answers sometimes

I love the stars
I don’t see much of them though
Those little twinkly lights
Calming lights
The cool breeze
The dark of the night

I love this
Combining letters
Vowels and consonants
Helping me express myself

I love
Rarely happens these days
But when i laugh
I feel safe
Funny moments
The silent cackle
A grin
A smile
Brings me hope
Tells me maybe
All is still well
With the world
My world

I love my bed
Its where i do this the most
Hidden under my blanket
Curled up in a ball
Typing away
Wondering again
The bad and the ugly

I love
We don’t have to share thoughts
Or share words
Just a few happy moments
Goofing around
Memories to be remembered

I love
Learning everyday
From my mistakes
With time
I’ll get there

I love
The meaning they portray
How i’ve grown to love blue
One might wonder why
But i’m surrounded by it everyday

I love
My life
This life
This moment
This time

I love
Well sometimes i don’t
But when i do
I soak in sounds
Heart beat
Swinging tree branches
Ruffling leaves
Sea ripples
Stomping boots
Clinking glasses
Chiming bells
I could go on and on…


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**Photo credit – Happy Valentines Day 2015

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Halima says:

    Good read


  2. Kikelomo says:

    I got lost in it … You shouldn’t have stopped! Good write up.


    1. Thanks Kike ☺️


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